Want to work with us?

We’d love to review any product that can be purchased under $100 in return for our honest review.

Twitter: 400+
Wordpress/Blog Lovin’: 100+
Instagram: 490+
Facebook: 1800+ friends

Email: julieanne.malley@gmail.com if you are interested!


We would love to help any blogger out!

Email: julieanne.malley@gmail.com

About the blog:

What would you do if you had 100 extra dollars today?

Cupcakes? A new purse? Classes to a gym fad to burn those cupcakes off?

It all depends on our mood and most importantly, it all depends on our bank account. There is nothing that is more upsetting than clicking through fashion blogs, finding an adorable skirt, and realizing that it costs 600 dollars. On this blog, everything will be under 100 dollars. Most of the time, they will be much cheaper than that.

Whether its a celebratory purchase or retail therapy, we hope you follow us on our journey through life, work, relationships, and exactly what we would like in order to get through it all….for under 100 dollars, of course.


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