Couple/BFF Halloween Costumes for Cheap!

Happy Halloween!

I hope no one is waiting this long to get their costumes, but I figured I would share my favorite finds of duo Halloween costumes with you guys in case you want to get a jump on next years.

Long gone are the days of short skirts and skin showing on Halloween. Hello, its cold out and I am no longer 19. I am all about the comfort and warmth if I am planning on staying outside for ANY sort of extended period of time. You can buy these pretty much anywhere online (like here) for around $25.00. Note that elmo onsies are apparently only shipped from China, so I would order about now if you are looking to get it in time for next year.

My boyfriend thinks I am part koala bear since I LOVE napping and sleeping and salads are my jam. I also love to snuggle. Sue me. Anyway, I saw this costume and begged and begged and begged Colin to be a tree. He agreed, but we wanted to save this for a Halloween that we had plans for. I won’t tell anyone if you steal my idea 🙂 You can get the Koala hat here for $20.00 and then just some grey tights and an over-sized grey sweatshirt and you are good to go!

I call this costume “Cool Cats”. Most of my clothes are black and I thankfully already have a leather jacket. You just have to pick up some cat ears for $7.00 here, sunglasses for $7.00 here, and a cheap leather jacket from H&M for $30.00 here.

What is everyone else being for Halloween? Am I an old lady that I can not WAIT to give out candy to little kids?


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