Stitch Fix Help! (Pt 2)

Oh Monday. This weekend was made better by my long awaited monthly stitch fix package coming in unexpectedly on Saturday and then immediately ruined when I realized I couldn’t pick which item I wanted to keep again. Some of you may remember that we have had this issue before, so I figured I would ask everyone for their opinion again!

Price: $58.00
Price: $48.00
Price: $14.00
All prices above are using the $20 dollar styling credit.
So what do you think?! The 14 dollar necklace is hard to pass up on, but I think I would lose sleeping sending back the clothes. Unfortunately, I only allow myself to keep one item per month, so keeping more than one is not an option!
xx Jules

10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Help! (Pt 2)

  1. Love the red dress- the jacket is cute too! Ahh such a decision! I’m getting my box today or tomorrow, am interested to see what will be inside because I gave almost no feedback or notes this time…

  2. I am going against all the others and saying the jacket! It is totally cute and I love the details! Plus, it is the season to be needing it! I think the red dress is super pretty though, and you look hot in it! So really you can’t lose either way!

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