Tripod (+ Pictures)

My dad gave me a canon rebel that I had been drooling over for Christmas this year and it has been amazing. If you don’t have a DSLR, I would highly recommend one. Not only for blog world, but the pictures of family and friends are so much better than those of iPhones and Instagram. Not that I don’t love myself a good tipsy iPhone photo at 2 AM.
The DSLR cameras are all well over 100 dollars, but there is a very cheap accessory that I have used so often that I have gotten its value worth tenfold. And if you haven’t figured what it is yet, it is a TRIPOD!
My favorite happens to be when my boyfriend and I are traveling. I really don’t like giving strangers my camera in general…it is probably the New Yorker in me. Also, most people really don’t know how to use it. I still get people that can’t figure out how to take a picture on a cell phone to be honest. You have spent a lot of money on this little gadget and I wouldn’t be giving it to a stranger that may or may not speak the same language as you.
While we were in Ireland or before events at the house, we will just set the tripod up with the timer and take some nice pictures of ourselves. Maybe we’re vain, but I’ll deal with it!
Secondly, it is nearly impossible to take a picture at night or a dimly lit landscape picture without a tripod. It is not a secret that NYC looks absolutely gorgeous at night, so the tripod has finally let me to capture this in ways other cameras have not.
9/11 in NYC
image1 (1)
My tripod was 21 dollars.  Do it – It’ll take the selfie game up to a whole new level.
Now I want to buy more camera accessories…

6 thoughts on “Tripod (+ Pictures)

  1. Beautiful photos!!! I think the tri-pod is a genius idea!! We actually used a selfie stick (dont judge) for our trip this summer and the pictures were amazing!

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