Gone Girl

Price: $8-$12

Guys – IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND! Does anyone have any fun plans? One of my best friends from college is coming up to visit, so I am hoping I actually have pictures to show that I exist, am a real human, and do, in fact, live in New York City.

Anyway, I read A TON. I have a good hour every day (sometimes way more) that I read because of my commute into New York. This is not including the 8 hours I usually binge on pool reading in the summertime. Some books I read are great, some are terrible, some are great and then get turned into movies and I bring my poor boyfriend to see it with me opening night.

Gone Girl was the best book I have read in a very long time. Gillian Flynn is SUCH an amazing author and she traps me in her books from the first few pages. Since Gone Girl was the first I read of hers, it has a special place in my heart.

Everyone has their own opinions of books to movies. I am a huge book will ALWAYS be greater than the movie girl. Always. In my opinion, Gone Girl was very true to that, but my expectations were extremely high. I am DYING to hear other people’s opinions of the movie because I was expecting so much more! I felt the ending was rushed and really didn’t do the job of giving off how creeeeeeeeeepy the book and storyline really is. Please go read all of her other books if you haven’t already. I actually have both Sharp Objects and Dark Places and will mail it to anyone that would like them 🙂

So, what did everyone think?!!

Book Nerd 4 Life,


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9 thoughts on “Gone Girl

  1. I have to read this yet….thought I had a little more time before the movie came it. It is awesome that you thought it was so good. Now I have to get to it.

  2. I was scared to read this post because I thought you were going to ruin the movie for me (which I was supposed to see last weekend but then didnt at the last minute). I love all of Gillian Flynn’s books. I’ve heard that they have optioned another for a movie as well.

  3. I actually thought that they did a good job with this movie – I was even more creeped out by Amy in the movie than in the book! I did think that they rushed the end though. The first half of the book took up soo much time in the movie. I’m dying to read her other books! I just ordered Dark Places, but I haven’t picked up Sharp Objects yet!

  4. I thought the movie did the book justice as much as a movie could. I typically never see the movie versions of books, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. Ben was perfect. Amy…eh. She wasn’t warm enough when she needed to be, to entice you to like her even a little. The ending of the book seemed to race to a conclusion to me too, so I was okay with that as well!

    Bottom line, the book is always better! But I really liked the movie too this time.

  5. I loved the book so much- great to hear that the movie is good too! I just finished Sharp Objects- I liked it, but not as much as Gone Girl.

  6. Gone Girl is so fantastic! I’ve heard a lot of good things about the movie- hoping to see it soon! I actually like Sharp Objects better than Gone Girl, but Dark Places was okay. She better put out something new asap!

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