Global Citizen Festival

Price: FREE (this is my new favorite price)

This weekend was great on so many levels. I could probably write 2000 words on what it was like to go to Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee stadium, but I will not bore you with that. Just know that I cried multiple times.

The Miami Dolphins (the other half of my heart that is not taken up by Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees…I swear Colin squeezes in there somewhere) played SO well against the Raiders! I also conned Colin into wearing a Dolphins jersey!



And Saturday was Global Citizen Festival. Global Citizen Festival is a FREE concert that is given to participants that take short actions against the fight against hunger. It was as simple as watching a few YouTube videos and sending out some tweets about the hunger statistics throughout the world. The lineup for the concert was AWESOME and it took place in Central Park. Next year, keep a lookout for the free tickets since they are pretty easy to win!

First, get there early. We left at 1:30 PM for a 4 PM concert and JUST walked in when the first act came on…which was Tiesto! They put you in separate “pens” depending on when you get into the concert which was kind of nice because you didn’t have people pushing and shoving to get closer since there was no where to go. Each pen had its own bathroom and food station so you really didn’t have to go to another pen for any reason.

The second act was the Roots, who you may know from Jimmy Fallon and then came FUN who was probably my favorite act of the whole show. And then this beauty came on stage: 

Carrie Underwood, WHY CAN’T I BE YOU?! I don’t really listen to much of her music but if you don’t think I was belting out “Before he cheats” then you are highly mistaken.

No Doubt came on right before the headliner which truly brought me back to my childhood. I had NO idea that I knew all of their songs, but Sting came out to play a song with them and it was great.


And the headliner was my main man, Jay-Z. I have somehow managed to see him three times this year, but he is just SO good. Oh, and then the lights dimmed and this happened:

Beyonce and Jay-Z are just – perfect.

So great weekend all around with this guy and hope everyone else had the same!


Living in the past,


Instagram: jmalley11


9 thoughts on “Global Citizen Festival

  1. Your signs at Jeter’s last game are perfect! I also didn’t know you could win tickets to the Global Citizen Festival! I will have to keep that in mind in 2015 cause I was looking around Instagram and thinking it looked like such a neat event!

  2. i COULD NOT GET OVER B!! So, so amazing. Unfortunately though, I got there at 1130A, and was in pen 1, and people were shoving like crazy and you couldn’t even get out to pee because people wouldn’t let you back in! It was pretty awesome being so close though. Sounds like an absolute amazing weekend!

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