The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


Price: FREE.

I am well aware that I have been MIA for quite some time, but now that summer is over I will have more time for some scheduled posts on the weekends so that I don’t have to disappear for months on end anymore.

Ok so, back to 100 dollars. You know how much this one costs you? NO DOLLARS. ZERO. NOT EVEN A PENNY.

Last year, I had the privilege of going to Jimmy Fallon while he was still the host of the Late Night Show. We had a little bit of a hiccup, and I almost started crying, but it ended up working out for the best.

Since no one in our group had been before, we showed up based on when they told us to in the welcome email. DO NOT DO THIS. I waited in line and they wouldn’t give us tickets until our whole group showed up. Eventually everyone came, and the person in front of me took the last ticket. 2 hours of waiting and we were in stand by.

It was Pearl Jam week on Jimmy Fallon and the week was closing out with an exclusive performance by Pearl Jam. My boyfriend was SO excited about this and I could see the disappointment when he found out there was a good chance we wouldn’t be getting in. We waited in the stand by line for another hour or so until they ushered the 4 of us into another line and said “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE GOING ON STAGE WITH PEARL JAM!” Colin started shaking and I was in disbelief, but yes, it really happened. STAND BY FOR THE WIN.


So yes, I went on stage with Pearl Jam and it was absolutely amazing.

Last week, I got tickets for Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. I knew nothing could top last time, but free is free and I LOVE JIMMY FALLON.


I was chatting up the security guy and asked how he thought the show would be. He said, “Its Jimmy Fallon’s birthday today. You’re going to have one of the greatest shows ever. All of the guests are surprises”. WHAT?!!

The first surprise guest was a shirtless James Franco and Seth Rogan. I almost passed out immediately since I have the biggggggest crush on James Franco. The second surprise guest was….STEVIE WONDER! I screamed SO loud and watched Stevie Wonder perform about 4 songs from 6 rows away. It was AMAZING to say the least.

If anyone has any questions on how to get tickets, please let me know! I’ve become a borderline expert (totally kidding, I’m just a stalker).

Can’t wait to be back on the blog train,


Instagram: jmalley11

PS. I LOVED everyone’s Stitch Fix input. I’m sure you are losing sleep over which outfit I chose, but I will be doing a reveal post soon. I want to pretend like I’m not the worst blogger in the world and actually take some nice pictures in my new outfit!


9 thoughts on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

  1. You were on STAGE with Pearl Jam!! EPIC! Can’t believe you went on his bday- that’s so awesome. I saw Stevie Wonder perform last year- he is amazing live! And yes, expert- please share how you scored those tickets!

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