Stitch Fix

Price: $20-$100.

Happy Hump Day!

Quick weekend recap – Colin and I rented a shore house down the jersey shore with a few of our friends. I’ll do a few posts on the Jersey Shore one day, but it was so much fun and I talked my boss into working from the shore on Monday – except I really did work A TON and didn’t even get to the beach until 4 PM. Womp.

Anyway, I have been seeing a bunch of stuff for Stitch Fix  in blog land and I have been a quiet member for quite some time so I figured I’d help someone out that is toying with the idea.

1. Some basic facts: It is a $2o monthly styling fee that means you pay this if you do or do not buy anything. The 20 dollars can be put towards your purchase.

2. The average price of items is between 30-80 dollars – with your styling fee discount it is between 10-70 dollars.

3. You can chose your frequency to be 3 weeks, monthly, every 2 months etc.

4. You can tell them if you have a special event and they will send you things that cater to that.

My personal experience has been great. I truly look forward to the package that comes every month, but that could because I am a child and just love any mail that isn’t asking me for money. I limit myself to ONE item per month, which means that I am spending around 50 dollars for my item between the styling fee and discounted cost. I also would LOVE to get more than one item a month since I usually adore most of my box, but then I would be spending about 300 dollars in clothes a month.



Although it is a little pricey, I find that I do not go shopping NEARLY as much anymore. I am never craving that new clothes feel that I usually do. Recently, I ended up cancelling my subscription by accident since my credit card expired and I missed it almost immediately. I found myself shopping at lunch breaks and spending way more than the 50 dollars that I usually did a month so I signed right back up and will get my next one soon! I will try and get better at posting what I buy, but this one is one of my favorites that I wear all the time. The sweater was about 30 dollars after my discount.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this!

Does anyone else use this? What are your thoughts?

Straight Stylin,




10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix

  1. Really love the sweater and how long it is…usually I find that sweaters are short and don’t really do much covering!! It’s such an interesting concept! And getting to WFH at the shore – pretty awesome!

  2. I love the sweater! Have you found that most things fit pretty well? That’s been my only hesitation – I’m a different size in almost every store I shop at, and I didn’t know how the sizing would go with Stitch Fix!

  3. I love my stitch fix too. I always compare it to Christmas morning. It seriously is a lifesaver on my clothes budget which is crazy, but awesome. Great choice on the sweater!!

  4. I have never really seriously considered doing it because I have to try everything on in the stores and I can take back 10 things in the same size and half of it doesn’t fit right. I feel like I would be disappointed A LOT if I did something like this. Butttt I really like the idea of someone styling for me. Getting another opinion or maybe trying something on that I wouldn’t have picked out in person could be life changing, you never know! ha!

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