Kate Spade – 75% Off

Does anyone else feel like this the longest week EVER? How is it only Thursday?!! Anyway, I need some shopping to brighten up my mood.

I think end of the summer sales are my absolute favorite time of the year. Well, every sale season is my favorite time of the year, but you catch my drift.

Kate Spade is having their ever so tempting 75% off sale that ends at midnight tonight. I really do love how classy Kate Spade’s purses and wallets are. I mean, Mr. Kors will always have the main place in my heart, but Kate holds her own.

Original 100.00 Sale. 49.00

I really love big wallets because I have been forming the habit of just grabbing my wallet rather than my whole bag for quick trips. I love the mint green color of the wallet that they have on sale – it is enough of a statement color to be an accessory by itself.

Original: 178.00 Sale 79.00

 I really need to hop on the cross body trend. Every time that I get close to buying one, I end up just buying an enormous satchel type bag instead. Kate – change my ways!

Original: 75.00 Sale: 49.00

I think these sneakers are adorable! I really need to invest in some fashionable sneakers because I am so sick of wearing flats after wearing them all week for work. Comfy and chic sneakers would be a god send on the weekends!

Well, there you have it folks. Pretty sure the sneakers won out in my book and I may be adding them to my shopping cart by the end of the day.

What is your favorite item of the sale?

Thanks Kate!



4 thoughts on “Kate Spade – 75% Off

  1. This sale has been way too tempting for me.. I’ve added like 3 things to my cart and then my hand hovers on the checkout and I say “no, you can’t spend that money!” Ahh I love it and hate it as the same time.

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