230 Fifth

Price: $9-$24

Monday. We meet again.

This week should be a fun one, so I can’t be too upset, but can summer slow down already?! I still have nightmares about this last winter. I am no where NEAR ready to wear sweaters and jackets and hats and scarves so I would reallly appreciate some extra days of sun and pool.

Anyway, I figured I would give my out of towners a great bar & lounge to go to if you ever find yourself in this wonderful city of mine. The bar is called 230 Fifth and is located at…well you guessed it…230 Fifth Avenue. It is a rooftop bar and I have been here a few times previously, but we went back this weekend for a birthday party so it is kind of fresh in my mind.

A few key points:

1. IT IS EXPENSIVE. I mean, New York as a whole is expensive, but this place will run you around 9 dollars for a beer, 13 for a mixed drink, and 14 for one of their specialty cocktails. The drinks are strong, but still. No one wants to spend 15 dollar a pop on a drink.

2. It will give you the most beautiful view of New York City. See below for examples:



3. There are a ton of tourists and it gets crowded at night. But, I mean, welcome to New York. I really think this is an absolute must for all people coming to visit. I would recommend going there in the early afternoon, grabbing a pineapple coconut martini and enjoying the wonderful city that I call home!

Also, how about that super moon last night?!

SuperMoon NYC Hoboken New York City Skyline Super Moon Night Night Time Dusk Moon Summer

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6 thoughts on “230 Fifth

  1. $9 for a beer? Eek! Better be a high gravity delicious one! I think it would be worth it to go up and have at least one drink just for the view! I love roof top bars!

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