Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Oh, hey guys.

I am so sorry about the unannounced blog cation that I took. Summer really just got the best of me. I was trying to handle time management at the new job and was so busy every weekend that Monday morning came around and absolutely zero posts were planned or written.
I decided to use a Friday post to give a quick catch up on my life and then go back to your regularly scheduled programming on Monday.
1. It was my birthday last week! My birthday was uneventful since Colin had given me my birthday present early – tickets to Beyonce & Jay-Z tour! Side note: I will go into a full on depression if they divorce.
2. I went to Boston for the first time. We went to Fenway (in Yankees attire, of course) and I welcomed all the heckling with open arms. The city was actually adorable and I, unfortunately, didn’t get a sighting from the infamous B loved Boston.
3. I met Lawrence Taylor, who is a hall of fame New York Giants linebacker. He is actually one of the most famous football players of all time and for Colin’s birthday, I got us a private dinner with him and helped him out at his kids camp! Colin LOVES the Giants so he was adorably nervous.
4. Our kitten was adopted! I am so happy she found her forever home, but can’t lie and say that I didn’t cry my eyes out.
IMG_3900“She is SO embarrassing”
5. I’m a lot of 100 dollar purchases behind, but I think everyone neeeeeds this before summer is over. I hate having to leave the pool for a drink because then I never want to get back in. #firstworldproblems
Seriously, so happy to be back in blog land. My shopping has been slacking since I left.
Allow me to reintroduce myself,
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8 thoughts on “Allow me to reintroduce myself…

  1. I so wish I would have known you were here last weekend!!! Happy belated birthday and hope you have a wonderful weekend!! P.S. What a great birthday gift you got – I’m sure the show was incredible! And p.s. love your grey dress- where is it from?!

  2. Welcome back! Looks like I’m not the only one taking time away from our beloved blogging…and I’m so ready to get back to it! Looks like you had an amazing birthday weekend and I would love to visit Boston sometime…it’s on my list for sure! (PS I agree with you about Bey and Jay. It.Can’t.Happen.)

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