Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I spent mine doing the BBQ, cheeseburger, chicken skewer, Corona, gin and club soda thing.  But alas, after a weekend of sun, backyard boondoggles, and homemade desserts, I find myself back at work on the 19th floor of my office building, staring outside at the near perfect summer weather, wishing for the weekend.


photo 2

Mid-makeup selfie in my BBQ dress 


photo 1Homemade Blackberry Crostata – for those on the butter-only diet

This week though, of all weeks, I feel especially patriotic.  Why?  Well although I’m not a regular soccer fan, never played, and don’t even know the rules, I had to get behind the men’s national team and rooted for them against Belgium! I am beyond disappointed that they lost. The city has seriously become alive with excitement, so it’s hard not to want to join in on the mid-day fun…and the mid-day gin.  Tack on the 4th of July being this weekend and I’m basically Uncle Sam.
So as I sit here on this unnecessarily freezing cold trading floor looking forward to this patriotic weekend, I will absolutely be needing this:

Price: $32.00

Slap that thing on the nearest tree in your backyard, thank God you’re an American and sip a Bud for your forefathers.  Cheers!

5 thoughts on “‘Merica

  1. The loss yesterday was such a bummer. I was so hoping they would play again over the holiday weekend but oh well… off the bandwagon I go until 2018 I guess….

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