Price: $15.00

Guys, I’m tired and very late to the weekend post game. This weekend was Colin’s family reunion down the Jersey Shore so I took Monday off from work to have some extra time with his family.

Well.. theres a big happy hour on Sunday every year, so I actually took off work to not miss that, but I wanted to sound like a good girlfriend. Colin is still down the shore for a few more days and has our nice camera, so iPhone pics will have to do for now. Sorry, Charlie.





Side note: The USA game was beyond heartbreaking so I would like to forget that ASAP.

Anyway, its the officially summer and I know what my first purchase to monument this occasion will be.


A LOT of times I want to be outside enjoying a drink and don’t want beer. Unfortunately, beer is definitely the most conveniently packaged alcoholic item so I LOVE these wine tumblers for a spill free cocktail on the beach or boat.

I actually never want to see beer again after this weekend. Back to another week at work and then off to Charlotte NC for my cousin’s wedding this weekend!

Post Vacation Blues,


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8 thoughts on “Wine-to-go

  1. A huge second to that comment. Need. I put my wine in one of those insulated cups with the straw only to discover the ease of consuming a 1/2 bottle in no time. Wine tumbler here I come.

  2. Looks like you have a nice little tan going on too – sounds like such a fun weekend and Monday off woo hoo! Wine to go – best idea ever!

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