Ok, so, I was really bored one day and perusing the “trending” Instagram page and found my new favorite person.

First and foremost, I am not an artist. I don’t know anything about it and can barely draw a stick figure that doesn’t look deformed. Needless to say, art doesn’t really “speak” to me. I’ll basically buy anything I think looks pretty in Home Goods.

Morely is an artist that paints a similar rectangular black and white picture along with an inspirational saying all along urban areas.

Here is some of his work:



Seriously, I am obsessed with him. He is selling a personalized print (if you want personalized) for $20.00. This guy makes me smile with every single one of his posts. I am buying this for our bedroom ASAP.



Linking up for #ThoughtsonThursday

Artistically challenged,


Instagram: jmalley11

Twitter: julesmalley

All of my pictures have been taken from Morley’s official site. 



5 thoughts on “Morley

  1. I have never seen these before, but I love them!!!

    i am not artistic either. At all! I envy those that can draw and see beauty in art that I cant.

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