Wine Wednesday – Terra D’Oro

Price: $18.00

I am so excited I finally remembered this link up with Kids and Cabernet- any excuse to drink wine, I am in.

Here is the back story of me and my love of wine. It all stated in Italy. I was 20 years old and never had wine before…because if you’re going to underage drink in an Irish family it will not be a glass of wine. I don’t even think we had wine in the house growing up. I had no idea that wine was that much stronger than beer. I barely made it through dinner without having to be escorted home. I swore off wine, forever.

Baby 20 year old Jules in Rome…I thought I could pull off being blonde as well. So many fails in Italy.


We made up, eventually, but I could still only drink white wine. Like, I HATED the taste of red wine. Last Christmas, we received a gift at work of a few bottles of red wine from one of our clients.  My boss must have been in the best mood of his life because he had said we could have a Christmas Happy Hour in the office while we finished up our projects. The odds of us drinking inside of the office again was about equivalent to me winning the lottery every day for the rest of my life, so I had to jump on the opportunity. I poured myself a glass of red wine and LOVED it. It was my beloved Terra D’Oro Red Zinfandel and we have been inseparable since.



So, if you are like me and are trying to get your feet wet in the red wine world, I HIGHLY suggest this. And if you’re a red wine connoisseur , I applaud you and still HIGHLY suggest this. You can buy the bottles online here and they are $18.00 per bottle.



Side note, check out this breathtaking rainbow from my balcony yesterday.



That is the Freedom Tower for all of you non-New Yorkers.

Wine on Down,


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9 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday – Terra D’Oro

  1. The picture is amazing. I was laughing at the “thunderstorm” last night. Ridiculous, but at least there was a beautiful sunset.

  2. What a beautiful view!

    I am not a huge fan of wine. I prefer white over red as well. I tend to like things fruity and not dry. It’s how I usually pick my beer too haha. I might have to give this a try if you are hooked!

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