Picnic in the Park

Price: $19.00

Wait, its Thursday?

Does this mean I get to plan the weekend already? Good.

Totally unrelated, but does anyone else obsessively use the app TimeHop? It is an app that taps into all your social media accounts and tells you what you were doing on May 29 (for example) in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 etc. I LOVE it, but it also makes me realize how totally unexciting my life is compared to when I lived in Ireland or drank every day with my friends in college. Seriously though, download it. Nostalgia is my jam.

My Macbook pro is broken. Well, I have kind of not updated it in a few years and kind of not used it for a year or so, but I want it back! I always used my work computer, but I decided I need to start using the computer I paid a lot of money for. I have an appointment with the genius bar tomorrow and I have a feeling they’re just going to be like “Jesus, what is wrong with you, lady?” But, to be fair, I feel like I always hear horror stories of “I updated my software and now everything is gone!” so I panicked and turned into one of those weird people that doesn’t update the software on anything. Colin hates it.

I am reallllly excited that I finally don’t hate the way my leather jacket looks on me. I also was having a really good hair day yesterday.

eat cake

Ok, so back to weekend plans. My town does movies in the park a few times during the summer. It was actually Colin and mines first date back in the day. I made him sit through Toy Story 3 with me so I knew he was a winner. This is the park in my town that hosts the movies. I’m telllin’ ya, you guys need to move to Hoboken. Its the prettiest city in the world.


I need to invest in this wine caddy from pottery barn because we always are trying to figure out how to bring drinks into the movies and make it a little more romantic. It’s also perfect for any picnic – one of my favorite summer activities in Central Park.

boo you

Note: free shipping! Now there are no excuses.

Picnic sippin’,


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10 thoughts on “Picnic in the Park

  1. Hey- I’m in Hoboken!!! And I love those movies in the park- definitely a great date night! And um… I need that wine caddy in my life!

  2. Seriously – it’s THURSDAY! I’ve been messed up all week. Have so much fun this weekend!!!! Movie in the Park sounds perfect!!!! (And don’t you worry… I really think everyone at the genius bar hides when I walk in. I know nothing and it’s usually a quick fix.)

  3. Movies in the park are amazing – we have a similar thing here where a hotel hosts it off the back of their building and puts up the large screen near the water – so much fun!! You look fantastic rocking that leather jacket!!

  4. Ok…where do I even start? YES…I’m obsessed with TimeHop, but it does make my current life look uber lame compared to “how it used to be!” Haha. Your hair does look A-MAZing in that pic! So pretty! Love the wine caddy!

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