Short girl in a maxi dress world

Price : $24.95

Ok so I’m not THAT short but the height in my family definitely didn’t give me a second look during my so-called “growth spurts.”  So as I try to rebuild my wardrobe from my weight loss one season at a time, I want to buy some summer maxi dresses.  Problem is…every single one I’ve found goes directly under my feet.

Every time I try to buy one online, they look perfect on the 5’11” models but that’s certainly not me and I absolutely can’t go any more sizes down or I’ll look like a sausage, sooooo am I out of luck?
I thought so until I was putzing around H&M last weekend and found THIS.
boo you
I tried it on and it fits beautifully!  Finally…a girl can get her maxi dress on just in time for summer. I even wore it for a Memorial Day BBQ this weekend and I got some serious compliments.  Best part about it?  It’s easy on the wallet.  You know we love a good deal around here.
Chillin’ out MAXIn’ all cool,

8 thoughts on “Short girl in a maxi dress world

  1. story of my life. im five feet. but have huge tats. try finding a maxi that isnt a bajillion miles long that will also fit my chest. #struggle.

  2. I’m the same way, though I’ve found success at H&M and (randomly) Wet Seal. Another solution? Wedges! You’re rocking that dress- super cute!

  3. Love that dress on you!!!! (I’m tall so my problem is always the opposite… maxi dresses ending at my shins or right above my ankle, which still isn’t good.)

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