Manhattan By Sail

Price: $50.00 (plus $25.00 for open bar option)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  (and Monday and Tuesday)

Friday night was wine and pizza night at my favorite restaurant with Colin. Low key nights are seriously the best…especially after a long week. We woke up early on Saturday to get bagels and go watch the Rangers game. I can’t even talk about them right now in a calm matter so I’m just going to move on.

I decided to surprise Colin with a date night after the game Saturday. It was mostly a “surprise” because I REALLY wanted to do it and didn’t want him to say no…so I just put a romantic twist on it. That’s allowed, right?

I bought us tickets for “Manhattan by Sail” and added the $25.00 open bar package. It was bring your own food, but of course ours exploded in the bag, so we had wine for dinner. It happens. Anyway, this is a sailboat that takes you on a two hour cruise from the World Trade Center to the Statue of Liberty. The pictures say it all. Sure, some are Instagram filtered, sue me.



image (1)


So if you guys are ever visiting this wonderful city I call home, then definitely do this. We both loved it!

This leads me into my linkup with Emily from EmberGrey. Grateful heart Monday is a link up to share what you’re most grateful for in life and this weekend was definitely one of those weekends where I can’t believe that I am lucky enough to call this place home. People all over the world are dying to come here for just one day and I walk through Times Square every morning to get lunch. As much as I complain about this place, it’s truly incredible.



Sail Away,


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5 thoughts on “Manhattan By Sail

  1. Beautiful!!!!! Wow.. that first picture is breathtaking. Love! How sweet the two of you went sailing together 🙂 (I often have wine for dinner, so no judgements here! ha!) XO

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