Graduation Gift Guide: Male

Price: $98.00 (34% off, thank you Amazon)


Oh good, it’s Monday.

I’m currently sitting on the train, way too close to the guy next to me, yawning every few minutes, blasting Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl on repeat and I figured what a perfect opportunity for a blog post.

This weekend was unintentionally rough; late nights and Communion parties don’t mix; remember that.  So as I sit here trying to recuperate from a deadly combination of gin and cannolis, I’m also thinking about next weekend’s shenanigans: the graduation parties.

Jules already wrote a great post about a possible gift suggestion for girls (which I already have and love) so I thought I’d give a suggestion for the boys.



This Jambox speaker is amazing. I own it myself and know that it is perfect for a college dorm room. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone and can be as far as 18 feet away from it and still work. It has great sound and is so small you can essentially bring it with you wherever you go.

Come to think of it, I wish I had it to blast right now so the man next to me would stop trying to sleep on my shoulder. #commuterproblems

Happy Monday!

Please stop snoring sir,



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