Turn Off Your Straightener

Price: $40.00

I went back and forth approximately 65 times trying to figure out where I wanted to spend my 100 dollars on today and what to write about. Drafted a few posts, hated them all.  The usual.

Then it I saw it. There’s shockingly only a few times that I say “I need this.” This was one of the times. Okay fine, this was one of the few times I said “I need this” AND could afford it.  (Burberry quilted coat, anyone?)

I don’t care if Colin hates it. I need it. This is beyond perfect for girls living together and I definitely wish I had it in college or my first apartment.



I can’t tell you how guilty I am of leaving my straightener on. I always convince myself “I’ll need a touch up later” then start drinking and well, you know how it goes. I’m out the door, in a taxi cab, and my apartment is slowly escalating to 100+ degrees.

PS: It says sold out, but if you contact the shop owner she will make you another one.

Guilty as charged,


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6 thoughts on “Turn Off Your Straightener

  1. Liiiiike I check that shit about ten times before I leave my house. On several occasions I only checked it about eight…and turned around in the middle of my commute to go home and make sure. It is always unplugged…but if I didn’t go back and check ten times…would it be?!?!

  2. I need this! The amount of times I’ve gotten in the car to leave for work and then have to run back in because I can’t remember if I turned it off or not. 99% of times it’s shut off but that 1% chance is pretty dangerous!!

  3. I definitely need this! Pretty much every.single.morning I get all the way into my car and think, “did I leave my straightener on?” I’d say it’s about a 50/50 chance that it was still on…but why can’t I remember to think of it BEFORE I get in my car?

  4. Haha what a great idea and reminder! I usually don’t straighten my hair, but I have been guilty of leaving on various other appliances! Definitely a solid investment!

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