Graduation Gift Guide: High School Senior (Female)

Price: $48.00 ($38.40 20% off with code MAY until the end of the month)

This weather makes me nostalgic for the college years. I sound like a grandma, considering I only graduated 3 years ago, but it feels like a life time ago.

In college, warm and sunny weather meant laying outside, getting an iced latte from Starbucks on campus, most likely ditching class because you didn’t want your friends to hang out without you, and eventually giving up on school for the rest of the day to go get margs down the street.

I still give up on work to go get margs, but it’s at 6:30 PM after a long work day and not 2:00 PM after just waking up.  I’m sure a lot of you have a bunch of people graduating in the next coming days, so I’m going to attempt at some gift ideas for different people in the next coming weeks.

Colin’s little sister is graduating high school next month so I have been on the hunt for a present for her. She’s the only girl with 3 brothers so her feminine side and presents usually gets neglected.


Purchase here.

This was a little graduation gift that I picked up for her. Lord and Taylor was having a sale on this wristlet and I loved it. Colin has a big family so designer things get pushed way into the back burner. I like to spoil the women in the family when I get the chance (not to toot my own horn, but I got his mom a killer Dooney Bourke purse for Mother’s Day and she almost cried. She’s wanted a Dooney and Bourke purse for YEARS).

I remember how much wristlets saved my life in college. Wristlets are perfect to run out of the dorms with just your ID, license, debit card and cash. I don’t even think I owned a purse in college now that I am thinking about it. Oops.

Marg Craving,



8 thoughts on “Graduation Gift Guide: High School Senior (Female)

  1. Such a great idea! My sister bought me a little coach key thing with card holder that I had for like 5 years it was great cause I could put my metro pass and Business cards in there!!

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