Shula’s NYC

This week has been so busy. Like, I only-had-time-to-eat-dinner-two-times-this-whole-week busy. Sorry, blog world, if food is getting the ax then so are you.

Quick recap of the week.

Disclaimer: I am going to sound like a total ballin’ NYC socialite and I am very far from it.

Lauren and I went to a tribute show to Don Rickles at the Apollo Theater on Tuesday. First, the Apollo has SO much history that it was awesome just being there.




I (guiltily) had no idea who Don Rickles was besides that he voiced Mr Potato head in Toy Story. He’s the king of  “insult comedy” and Jerry Seinfeld, Tina Fey, Robert Di Niro, Johnny Depp and David Letterman (PLUS MORE!) all came to talk about what a good guy he is and throw some pay back insults his way.

PROJECT FOR THE WEEKEND: Watch don Rickles on YouTube. You won’t regret it. (I almost cried when they started talking about his friendship with Frank Sinatra)

Last night, I attended the NFL Draft and it was awesome. I was with a bunch of passionate football lunatics in Radio City Music Hall just going NUTS to support our teams. I only had one ticket, but I luckily made friends in line and was able to sit next to them the whole time. They also brought me to the THIRD row for the Dolphins pick since I am a huge dolphins fan!

PROJECT #2:  watch this clip of Matt Evans after he got drafted. Seriously, nothing pulls at my heart strings more than big men crying.


So since it’s almost (go with it) football season and I am totally famished due to my lack of dinner, I would spend my 100 dollars on a filet mignon and glass of Red Zinfandel from Shula’s in NYC. Shula’s is a chain of top end steak restaurants owned by the ex coach of the dolphins. Needless to say, I go often.


Ugh, now my mouth is watering at the idea of some red meat and getting my nutrient level back up to normal.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of your mom’s and all of my blogger friend moms!! Make your husbands bring you breakfast in bed 🙂





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2 thoughts on “Shula’s NYC

  1. How fun that you go to go to the draft!

    We have a Shula’s in Birmingham…can you believe it?!

    Have a great weekend! Hope it slows down a little bit for you!

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