Mother’s Day

How was everyone’s weekend??
Pretty uneventful on my end. Watched the Kentucky derby (my horse lost) and went to the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival yesterday which was awesome!



There were a ton of tents with food & crafts as you can see above. This is also the only picture I took all weekend (womp). I fell in love with a ton of apartment decorations at all of the craft tents, per usual, but they were just a little overpriced in my opinion. I didn’t think the day through at all and had a bagel before we left (fail) so I couldn’t experience all of the yummy food stations, but Colin got the street fair staple of lamb gyro and loved it.


Mother’s Day is this weekend so I am going to share with you some of my gift choices. I am actually stuck in between a few of them so I would LOVE any opinions on which you like best (or neither…totally won’t be offended).


Price: $28.00


Side note: My mom is a total sap. She loves anything from the heart way over anything that costs a ton of money.


Price: $24.00

I feel like this would be cute for her bathroom or bedroom. Her jewelry box is still a heart glass that I hand painted (VERY sloppily) when I was 7. Not kidding.



Price: $18.00

My mom lives in MD and I live in NJ – the distance is around 3 hours and it kills her. I know she would LOVE this but I don’t know how she feels about wearing a map as a necklace.


Any other ideas?? Click the prices to send you to the shops that sell these if you’re interested!

Trying to win Daughter of the Year,


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10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. All of those are so cute and from the heart!!! My mom loves everything so it is so easy to pick stuff out for her…so easy that my issue is I can’t decide on what to get her out of everything I think of.

  2. Can I just say I totally agree that home is where my mom is!! I hate that she lives far away from me 😦 My cousin lives in Hoboken and he and his GF are obsessed with area – we’re planning a visit for the summer!

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