Essie Neon

Price: $8.50 (each) or $51 .00 (whole collection)
First and foremost, HOW ABOUT THEM RANGERS?!
Confession: I couldn’t get the idea of going to the game out of my head after that post and, therefore, spent A LOT of money on tickets. Totally worth it because I brought them good luck…obviously.
Confession part 2: Due to above game, I was slightly hungover yesterday at work and ate TERRIBLY. Like fro-yo-for-lunch-and-cheeseburger-for-dinner terribly.
Confession part 3: if I had 100 dollars today, I would 500% pay someone to clean my room and do my laundry, but I know I will just spend it on Bud Lights after work. Life of a 24 year old, huh?
Anyway, now that I am less guilty, I can move on with a tangible purchase. Today is the first day I am wearing a dress sans tights. I see you, spring!
My mom surprised me with these adorable gladiator sandals (price tag: $7.99.  It runs in the family) and surprise: my self made pedicure did not last 7 days. I kind of forgot about that part of spring. So if I had $100 I would buy every one of the new Essie neon collection. Spring and summer nail polish are my favorite and this entire collection is drool worthy.
You can purchase them on Neeeed that light blue.
Ignore my toes, please,
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8 thoughts on “Essie Neon

  1. Loving the pink shade – the orange and green I dont think I’d be able to pull off – Tan or Not lol! Hope you have a great weekend!

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