Burberry Brit

Price: $43.00



I have a real love/hate relationship with perfume.

Love: Wearing the right perfume for you could induce a plethora of compliments coming your way, happiness with your general scent and, heck, maybe someone could fall for you. (Smell is the most memorable sense after all.)


Seriously. I try really hard to understand what goes into the cost of making perfume and I’ve come up with the following breakdown:

1/4 fragrance mixing
1/4 bottling
1/4 people are greedy
1/4 brand aka people are greedy

But alas, here I go buying more perfume because I go through it like water. ONE SPRITZ IS JUST NOT ENOUGH, OK?

If you live in or around Manhattan and think you can just go to one of the many market shops in Chinatown to get a discount scent, BEWARE. I tried to do that with my Burberry Brit and when I sprayed it, it was literally whiskey. WHISKEY.

“Oh thats a lovely scent, what are you wearing?”

– said no one ever.

BRIGHT SIDE ALERT: I found this website: www.fragrance.net and they have some phenomenal deals on tons of great perfumes. I just bought this Burberry Brit for half the original price and I’m in love.

So do yourself a favor before you smell like the bar even before you get into the bar and check for your favorite fragrance on there.

Chinatown scammed,



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