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I have never been a huge hockey fan. Football? I’m borderline obsessed. Baseball? Helloooo, Derek Jeter. But hockey was never really my calling. I could never find the puck when it was on TV, I still have no idea what icing means, and I didn’t really like cheering for goals which only happens three times a game.

But, Maryland is full of hockey fans and I was apparently highly attracted to them because every single person I dated liked the Washington Capitals. So I found something that made it worth watching: Brooks Laich.


I die. Anyway, when Colin and I started dating he kindly asked that I swoon over one athlete to keep his ego in tact and my choice between Derek Jeter and Brooks Laich had to happen. We all know who won.

Side note: Brooks Laich is now dating a 25 year old named Jules that is not me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

I decided to convert to the New York Rangers side about 2 years ago and am LOVING IT. Maybe that’s because they’re in the playoffs, but whatever. I like to win.

Game 7 is tonight against the Flyers and my jersey is outdated thanks to the trade of Captain Callahan. I need a new rangers shirt  before the game starts! I chose the retired captain’s jersey because they can’t trade him, right? 


Lets be friends!

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Twitter: @julesmalley


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