Forever21 Saves The Day

Price: $10.00

How is the weekend over already?!

I slept absolutely terribly last night (after a softball game in which we lost…again) so I am no where near ready to tackle this Monday. Only solution, in my opinion, is to relive the weekend!

Saturday night, Colin and I won tickets to the American Comedy Awards which is a new awards show that only honors the comedy sector of movie & TV.



Seth Rogan & Amy Poehler were the biggest winners of the night. The night ended with Bill Cosby (obsessed) being given the Johnny Carson award by Chris Rock (obsessed again). The night was filled with a lot of laughs… EXCEPT for the fact that we sat in front of the three most inconsiderate people on this planet. They talked the ENTIRE show. Ugh, anyway, here are some pictures we took before the show! It was a black tie event so Colin looked extra spiffy, if I do say so myself.



Not enthused, apparently. 


There we go!

I had these tickets for awhile and could not find a necklace to pair with the plain black dress that I wanted to wear. I wanted something sparkly & flashy, but not ridiculously cheap looking. I also wanted to pay about 10 dollars for it. This proved to be a much harder task than anticipated, but Forever21 saved the day again.



Not too shabby, huh? You can find a similar  necklace here for $9.80.

How was everyone else’s weekend??

Just remembered it’s still Monday,



12 thoughts on “Forever21 Saves The Day

  1. Oh my gosh look at your two rubbing elbows with the rich and famous!! Love the necklace – F21 is really having some major scores with their jewelry lately!

  2. Haha I was total fan girl when Seth Rogan was on stage. F21 and H&M are the best for jewelry – so worth the 10 dollars!

  3. Wow. You look great! And loving that necklace. F21 is fantastic – love good deals for sure. PS Bill Cosby has come to my work the last two years and calls my cell phone directly when he’s back in town. It’s a bit surreal!

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