Flashback Friday

Price: 8.00



This book was surprisingly good. I bought it on a whim because it was on sale (most importantly) and I was really pressed to find a new book for my commute home on my kindle. Also, same author as Husband’s Secret, which I loved.

The plot of the book revolves around a woman that falls and hits her head at spin class and loses every memory for the past ten years of her life. I liked this book mostly because it made me think. What if I woke up and thought I were 14 again? I was a freshman in high school (gross) and was totally different than I am today.

14 years old: I hope everyone at school likes me.
24: I hope no one at work talks to me today.

14: I’ll have a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel for breakfast .
24: Should I have the banana or cantaloupe?

14: Mom! Look! Times Square!
24: Times Square is living hell. No, do not touch me.

14. Coffee? Gross. I’ll probably just have hot chocolate every morning.
24. Give me. Now.


14. Did that boy look at me?!
24. Colin, you smell.

But something’s also never change

14. I hope I marry Derek Jeter
24. I hope I marry Derek Jeter.

14. What’s an eyelash curler?
24. What’s an eyelash curler?


14. Oh, wait, its Friday? Par-tayyyy
24. Oh, wait, its Friday? Par-tayyyy



Seriously, imagine having to be a teenager again? No. Thank. You.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Jeter


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. You are about the 7th person that has posted about this book…I may have to read it and Husband’s Secrets after I finish my current one. Love your age difference comparisons. I feel you on about almost all of them!

  2. Really?! I Wonder if they have kindles – it was basically like “HERE BUY THIS!” But it was so good! I’m onto the book thief now – has a little more substance so far

  3. I love that you signed this Mrs. Jeter. I’m going to read that book next and I’m pretty excited about it. Also, agree on the Times Square = Hell.

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