Spring Shopping Spree

Price: $98.00

J.Crew. So many mixed feeling on my little oasis of a store on 5th avenue.

Let’s get this out of the way first. I love it. I feel like every time I ask “OMG I love that, where’s it from?” I get the same answer. J. Crew.

But, every relationship has its rough patches, right?

For one, I will never understand how one pencil skirt is 99.00 (still way too much for work, in my opinion) and the next one is 499.00. 500 dollars on a J. Crew pencil skirt? WHY?! The entire inside better be laced with pure gold.

I have the same issues with the sweaters. One sweater, 70. Doable, but not ideal. Next one, 300. They look the exact same! I usually get so fed up with the guessing game at the store I just leave.

But, let’s be real. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy every item in the store.

And J. Crew is known for one more thing: SALES. Today is 30-50% off all items and ya girl just got a new credit card. So if I had an extra hundred dollars I would buy these:

Price: 28.00 (including 30% off with code GOSHOP)

Comfy sweatshirt? In.

Price: 35.00 (including 50% off using code GOSHOP)

Love the boyfriend plaid look. I steal my boyfriends shirts all the time so why not pay for it?

Shorts-  Price: 35.00 (including 30% off using code GOSHOP)

3 different J.Crew essentials (dramatic, but go with it) for under $100? Thank god for that new credit line.




4 thoughts on “Spring Shopping Spree

  1. I remember in college (I’m old, so this was 1995-1999) getting the JCrew catalog that had the $20 off sticker and getting three quality heavy sweaters that lasted like eight years for $80 with shipping. Now one costs $80 and it doesn’t last as long. I only buy Jcrew on sale!

  2. My best friend is the same way! She always says she remembers JCrew when it was half the price and now can’t buy it anymore!

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