Put a lid on it

Price: $30.00

I (Lauren) hope everyone had a Happy Easter filled with family, fun and food!  God knows my family party had no shortage of any of those…

40+ loud Italians, 7 trays of homemade lasagna, 4 racks of lamb, 3 massive filet mignons, more cheese than necessary, cakes and pies up the wazoo, and flowing homemade wine made for an extremely gluttonous Easter.  I’m not kidding, take a look:
My cousin, me, and my sister on Easter
Um, how adorable is this cake?!
Italian Cheesecake. Ugh.
Three days later and I’m just getting over the cholesterol hangover.
Vowing to get back on the somewhat healthy cooking bandwagon, I’m ready to whip up some figure-friendly recipes to get ready for summer.
One of my biggest cooking pet peeves is when my food overflows from under the lid because I’m too caught up in whatever Bravo show I’m watching.  It happens more often than not so I finally found a solution!
This lid can suction to the pan or pot and release automatically to let out the pressure when it feels the build-up is too great.  Now, I can watch my housewives AND save my stainless steel stove from disaster.
If I had 100 dollars today, I’d buy this lid and look up a good stir-fry recipe.
Beach bod, where are you?

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