Let’s Get Some Shoes…

Price: $14.00

We both decided to take the long Easter weekend off from blogging to spend time with some family & friends. I (Jules) went down to Maryland to see my mom and stepdad.  The spray paint surprise worked AWESOME. I won’t bore you with family details so here are a few snapshots from the weekend.

 19054Colin & I in a nut shell. Plus, how awesome is that sky?!


Me playing fetch with my two labradoodles. The black one holds the key to my heart.


Reggie (Colin’s dog) was beside himself with excitement to see us.


Colin & I taking an Easter selfie

Anyway, on to my 100 dollars. Confession: I wish I was a shoe person. I used to work with a girl that had shoes to match every outfit perfectly. I, on the other hand, rotated between two pairs. I notice other women’s shoes and love them. I DROOL over Loubitans. I basically strive to be Emily from Revenge and just fall VERY short.

Since I wear the same pairs every day, they take a beating. Worst part? I can’t throw them out. I still have shoes with holes in them! Most of them are ridiculously scuffed up and I probably look like I picked them out of the garbage whenever I wear them.

Needless to say, Marshall’s shoe store is my jam. That 29.99 price? Sign me up.  I found these puppies for 13 dollars. THIRTEEN! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t put my shopping on hold just to run to the register. I wore them with my Easter outfit and they looked adorable.



I think I need to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. Hopefully Colin has some mouse ears in storage.

How was everyone’s weekend?

Over work already,



9 thoughts on “Let’s Get Some Shoes…

  1. That sunset is amazing!!!! I love labordoodles! Yours are adorable! I am obviously a huge fan of the “hybrid dogs” with my puggle and maltipoo! There is nothing that makes you feel more loved that the excitement from a dog when they see you. Melt my heart.

    Marshalls and TJ Maxx always have the best shoes.

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