When life gets tough, I wine

Price: $99.00





Sometimes you just need a little wine.  And right now, I need a LOT of it.  Coming off a very atypical 80 degree weekend in New York to this rainy, thunderstorm-y Tuesday at my desk, my mood is just begging for a little vino.

I can’t really put my finger on why wine transports me directly to my happy place without passing go or collecting two hundred dollars.  Red or white, rose’ or a zinfandel, they all just know me so well and can get me through the week better than basically anything in the world.
So if I had a hundred dollars today, I’d book myself a winery tour and tasting on the North Fork of Long Island this weekend.  Get away from the city, sit outside, get poured wine, order some cheese (because?… because cheese) and unwind from what is shaping up to be a heckuva week.
Dreaming of a chianti,

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