Fit & Fashionable: One Step At A Time.

Price: $31.60 ($13.80 shirt & $17.80 pants)




Back in high school (maybe it’s because I went to an all girls school) working out was not a fashion show. I would take an old baggy T shirt, sweatpants, some basketball shorts and call it a day. College was a little different but I also didn’t spend a ton of time in the gym (whoops). Now, I feel as if I’m on Americas Next Top Model every time I go for a run. Why people do their hair and makeup to workout is beyond me but that is a conversation for a different day.

This weekend I knew I wanted to go on a hike with Colin but I refused to be the homeless looking girl wandering the trails. Also, I didn’t want to commit to a 200 dollar workout outfit (looking at you lulu lemon). I hit up Forever 21 and found this adorable matching outfit for a grand total of 31 dollars.  It fit great, was super comfy, and the hike was awesome!


19052 (2)




Colin enjoyed the fact that I was totally trying to catch my breath at one point and six year old sprinted by me. Someone should sign that kid up for a track team.

19052 (1)


Actually going back and buying more colors of this outfit. I pledged to do 50 Miles in April and currently at 24. WOOO!  How was everyone else’s weekend?


Thinking skinny thoughts,




4 thoughts on “Fit & Fashionable: One Step At A Time.

  1. That outfit is super cute! I HATE spending a ton of money on work out clothes because really…they just get sweaty and all you are doing is working out! I dont understand why people fix their make up before they work out either?!?! Crazy talk!

    • Right?! Theres a lady in my building that wears moccasins to the gym – I kind of want to hug her. Before the hike, my boyfriend was like “you almost look like you know what you’re doing!”

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