New York Yankees

Price: ~$50.00

Sorry for the absence again but, let me take a nerd break and say that if you happen to receive audited financial statements for anything, say a prayer for that little number crunching analyst. It’s not fun.

Back to my 100 dollars. My winter blues are slowly disappearing in NYC. Bryant park was bumpin’ at lunch time yesterday which is a true sign of New York City spring. Yet, the number one sign of spring in this wonderful place I call home is:

New York Yankee baseball.

I am an embarrassing Yankee fan. I’m also a delusional Yankee fan, but I think a realistic Yankee fan is harder to find. My screen name was Yankeegirl83 back in the AOL days – it’s always been a serious love affair between the Bronx Bombers and I.

Speaking of love affair, anyone else scream when Derek Jeter was on TV last night? Seriously, how does he still look so good?




Anyway, I know I can’t get the restraining order I deserve against Mr. Jeter through the TV, so if I had 100 dollars today I would buy Yankee tickets to opening week at Yankee stadium.

Welcome back baseball!

Hot dog stuffing and beer guzzling,



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