Spray Paint Spectacle

Price: $20.00

Happy Thursday y’all! (Ive never said that before, how’d I do?)

Some of you know that I have a love hate relationship with New York City…and it’s street performers. I hate the street performers when they make me miss my bus, are naked, or try to hug me after work (rule #1 of New York City: do not hug strangers).  I love them when they are incredibly talented and truly stop me in my tracks without caring that I will get home late. (There’s one guy that roams around with 6 cats 2 birds 3 guinea pigs and 2 dogs that just crawl all over him without leashes. I don’t know if he falls into the talented category, but he made me stop)

Now, on to the talent. Cue this guy:

(If you don’t want to watch the video – its a guy that spray paints an INCREDIBLE New York City skyline in 4 minutes)

This guy has been perched outside my building every Friday for 2 weeks. I snagged him last week to ask him to make me a personalized spray paint of my city view (told you I was obsessed). I showed him this picture:

He gave me this one…in 4 minutes:

Ugh, I’m in love. I am praying that he is there this Friday so I can get a painting for my stepdad. He was a Port Authority cop during 9/11 and I really want to get a painting with the Twin Towers and his badge number for Fathers Day.

What do you think? Talk about talent, huh?

Seriously, don’t hug me,


6 thoughts on “Spray Paint Spectacle

    • Thanks Helene! It was INCREDIBLE! I really hope hes outside this Friday too. I tried to video it but of course my phone ran out of memory!

  1. That is insane that he does that in 4 minutes!! Serious talent!!

    Sometimes I feel like my dog crawls all over me, and I get annoyed and need space – all those animals crawling on that man… weird, but def. also talent!! haha

  2. One year at our local fair a guy did spray painting like this but of planets/outer space and I was in awe! I wish that I would have had more money because I would have bought one on the spot. It was amazing,and they are SO talented!

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