Paying (but really Praying) for Motivation

Price: $90.00 (on sale at Zappos for $56.00!)




I canceled my gym membership yesterday.  It’s nearly impossible to actually say those words and not feel like a washed up beached whale, but I did it.  The Member Services lady on the phone almost made me feel bad for doing so when I told her.  Almost.

“What’s your reasoning for canceling with us today?”

What if I just said “BECAUSE I’M HUNGRY THAT’S WHY!”

So instead I blamed work and my hectic schedule.  All true.  Plus, I’m hungry and all I use that place for is the treadmill and since the weather in the Northeast is supposedly going to warm up, I’m ready for some outside running.

Which leads me to this post.  I said the weather is SUPPOSEDLY going to warm up, but as I sit here on this train in a peacoat and gloves…I no believe those weather people.

If I had 100 dollars today, I’d buy this track jacket to 1. prevent frostbite, 2. hedge against sweating profusely and 3. of course look cute when I decide to get my whale butt off that beach and ring in spring with some cardio.




PS: Here it is on sale  – who doesn’t love a good deal?!


4 thoughts on “Paying (but really Praying) for Motivation

  1. Quitting the gym is probably the toughest thing to do. They make you feel terrible about yourself or offer some incentive to make you stay. Good for you!! I can’t wait to get outside!

  2. I’m so ready to be outside and that’s one reason I won’t be renewing too! Anytime I think about quitting the gym it reminds me of the time Ross and Chandler tried to quit and ended up changing their bank account info to stop them at the source, lol. I did also find out for my gym if I was pregnant I could have gotten out of my contract…definitely contemplated that for a little bit :O

  3. Honestly – I’m not sure how people run in the cold here in Boston…but they do and probably with the help of jackets like that!! I personally can’t run if its colder than 50 degrees outside!! Shouldn’t be allowed…but you’re so right – you have a perfectly great gym in your backyard!! Also, youtube videos are free haha!

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