Mason Jars, for the win.

Price: $10.00


Sorry for the delay in the weekend recap! We can call it fashionably late, right?

Actually, I will recap the weekend in multiple future posts because I spent way more than my daily allotment of 100 dollars, but I did make one important stop…

Home. Goods.

Remember when I said I wanted to really start decorating my apartment? Well I went on a mission for picture frames…And failed. But I did come home with this.



Does anyone else agree that EVERYTHING tastes better in mason jars? Wine, cocktails, iced coffee (as seen above). I bought two of these JUMBO mason jars for $10 this weekend (Yorkshire, and can be purchased here) and the weather was gorgeous here, so I put them to use immediately. I made my boyfriend have a “coffee date” on my balcony with me (he allows me to be corny like this, thank god).


I’m also obsessed with the view on my balcony…as I’m sure you will catch on quickly.


Better late than never,




6 thoughts on “Mason Jars, for the win.

  1. Let’s be real here… Everything tastes better in a mason jar!! And I love the size of yours!

    I feel a trip to Home Goods coming on…

    Happy Tuesday, girlfriend!! Xo

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