Pamper Wednesday

Price:  $100.00





So, my original post was going to be a big, fat, bacon egg & cheese from my favorite bagel place in New York City. I was thinking that this week has been slightly below average and I’d like a little Wednesday pick me up, but I think I need something a little more after this morning.

Does anyone else commute to their job? It’s really not fun. There are so many unforeseen things that can prevent you from getting to your job on time. For example, today, the Lincoln Tunnel shut down during rush hour. It took me over an hour of standing outside with a lot of REALLY angry commuters to finally accept that the bus was never coming. So, I started on my 2 mile walk to the train station. By the time I got to the train station, the buses just started working. I was over 2 hours late to work and very very cold.

I also fell down the stairs at the bus station yesterday, but that’s a whole other story.

I’d still love that bacon, egg, and cheese, but I definitely need an extra boost. If I had 100 dollars, I would get an hour long massage at Equinox (side note: equinox has expensive massages? Anyone know if its worth it?).  I’d like a little pampering, get my stress levels back to normal, and tackle the rest of this week with a smile…hopefully.

Tense & Testy,



5 thoughts on “Pamper Wednesday

  1. Dang, sorry to hear about you falling down the stairs and the bus not coming. A massage would be a great idea 🙂 So would eating a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel.. I say go for both!

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