Treat Yo Self

Price: $30.00 – depending on your level of alcoholism



Sorry for the absence, blog world, but as Jules said on Friday, this girl loves St. Patrick’s Day. Now, back to the good stuff.

I love food more than the average person. I do. I think about what I’m having for breakfast and lunch before I manage to peel myself out of bed every morning. As a fat kid who happened to lose 80lbs this year, I can certainly say I’ve dabbled in all sorts of health conscious and extremely-bad-for-you-but-oh-so-good-right-then foods.

Which brings me to this lovely Tuesday in New York City. It’s one of those days…coming off a rough weekend from various bad decisions, new boss at work, and it’s Tuesday which is arguably the worst day of the week. So as I lay in my bed this morning, blindly tapping the crap out of every part of my iPhone screen until it snoozed, I realized that if I had 100 dollars today, I’d march STRAIGHT to Smith & Wollensky steakhouse.

I don’t even really like steak but there’s something to be said about the weird sense of establishment you get when you go to an upscale steakhouse and on this here Tuesday, I’m feeling like treating myself.

Sit down with the corporate suits of America, pretend like you’re the daughter of some oil tycoon and then order their burger. I’m not kidding, that burger though. Ugh I drool. Best I’ve had – listen to me, I’m a former fat kid and cheeseburgers were like my jet fuel.

Go treat yourself with that 100 and tell Tim the bartender Lauren says hello.

Perpetually hungry,



3 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self

  1. Oh yes girl!! Their steaks are so good!!! I’m totally the same way about food- eating lunch and thinking about dinner – #firstworldproblems lol

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