Price: $16.00




Oh, St. Patrick’s Day weekend – we meet again. This shirt couldn’t be more appropriate for me since I take St. Patrick’s Day prettttty seriously. I have good reasons though.  Besides being of Irish-American decent (and proud!), I lived there for six months back in 2010 and the country seriously stole my heart. I’m not too sure which rolling green hill my heart has found a new home in, but I know its there. The Irish culture is just so different from the New York City hustle and bustle that I couldn’t help fall in love! Needless to say, I booked my next vacation soon after and just got back 2 weeks ago. In case  you were wondering, my heart is still there as well as my boyfriend’s now.

I was actually going to post a bunch of pictures, but I almost started crying at my work desk and had to stop looking. I’m such a sap.

Unfortunately, a trip to Ireland is more than my virtual daily monetary allotment – so, I’ll stick with this T-Shirt.

Anyone have any fun plans? I’ll be going to Philadelphia to see how their celebrations match up! I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend celebrating!





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