Who “wooden’t” want some shades?!

Price: $95.00


I don’t know where you are in the world right now but I’m in midtown Manhattan and I don’t need gloves, a scarf or a portable electric heater to get me through my commute.  You know what that means?  SUMMER.  I know it’s only March and it’s technically not even spring yet but those are minor details that I’m willing to overlook.  No snow and the daylight savings change means the weather is getting better, the days are getting longer, my general mood is picking up and I instantly feel the need to throw on some shades and open toed shoes and really get the season going (UPDATE: Snow is in the forecast for later this week but whatever because that’s not today).

Today, though…today I’d get these hand-carved, wooden sunglasses.  I saw these for the first time when I was in Los Angeles last year and remembered how absolutely bad ass I’d look on the streets of New York with wooden framed sunglasses.  Want some oak, bamboo or pearwood in all different stlyes?  I don’t even know what pearwood is but I like it.
Buy a pair of these, look different than most, if not all, New Yorkers and kick start your summer attitude behind some fresh lenses.
Keeping UV protected,

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