Help me, Martha Stewart!

Price: $52.00


Fun fact: I bought an apartment last July.
Fun fact #2: I expected it to immediately look like a model apartment in Home & Garden.
Fun Fact #3: It is closer to the aftermath of Mt. Vesuvius than anything in Home & Garden.

I made a pact with myself that I would live in this adorable and chic looking apartment that would truly shine my amazing decorative ability. But, lets be serious. I was a math major, I currently work for the accounting department in a hedge fund, and have negative creative genes in my DNA. Its a shame, really. I scour Pinterest on the reg. and find so many ideas that I am just incapable of doing. Sigh.

BUT, I am going to try. Slow and Steady wins the race, right? I will have fancy tableware. I will have my guests think that dust bunnies haven’t made a permanent home behind the TV. And hopefully this will all happen before my retirement.

This Saturday is dedicated to cleaning and home decorating (updated and pics to follow, hopefully). So, if I had 100 dollars to spend today, I would buy this. I have about 20 empty walls it would look great on.

Does anyone else have home decoration ideas? I’ll welcome all of them!

Unfortunately uncreative,



3 thoughts on “Help me, Martha Stewart!

  1. Haha sounds like me when hubs and I moved in together in our house. I wanted it to look like something out of a magazine.. 2 years later it’s still unfinished. It’s a slowwwww process! This frame/pic idea is adorable!

    • right?! I think I may have to purchase it. I am attempting a gallery wall from my trip to Ireland last month – wish me luck!

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