Boo, You Whorecrux.

Price: 29.99

If I had 100 dollars, I would buy:

boo you


Comparing Mean Girls and Harry Potter is like drinking beer through a straw…You just shouldn’t.  That being said, WHY THE HELL NOT?  I quote both of these movies on a daily basis:  “On Wednesdays we wear pink, if not we’ll be killed.  Or worse, EXPELLED.”  Ok so that’s a stretch but you see what I’m getting at.

Let me give you some background on why seeing this t-shirt was like having my “cool, I’m up on pop culture” world and my “not-so-secret nerd alert” world collide.

I don’t watch movies ever.  I could pass Kevin Bacon on the street and not have any clue. (Why I just chose Kevin Bacon as the most easily recognizable actor in Hollywood, I don’t know but go with it.)   I wouldn’t be able to name one movie Steven Spielberg directed without googling it.  I fell asleep during the opening credits of Django Unchained.  I tried, I really did.  Seriously, I’m the worst.  Movies lose my attention faster than a gin and tonic breaks my seal.

Books, on the other hand, are a gateway to my nerdy mind.  Cue the importance of Harry Potter.  I’ve read every book…twice.  I’ve seen every movie way more times than I am willing to admit and I may or may not have (definitely did) dressed up for a midnight showing.  I also went to an all girl’s Catholic high school in the early 2000’s. Layman’s terms?  I owned way too many butterfly hair clips and, subsequently, wore them all in my head simultaneously.  But also, I lived Mean Girls.  And guess who was the math nerd?  That’s right, I was literally a Mathlete.  I’d like to think I have a tad more social skills than Kevin Gnapor, but I don’t rap, so there’s that.  I mean, come on, having Lindsay Lohan play a white girl from Africa to meet every extreme of high school reality in a mere 90 minutes of pure hilarity?  Instant classic. This shirt lets me embrace my inner nerd.  I’m in love.

What would you buy if you had 100 dollars to spend today?

You can’t sit with us,

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