Let me take a Selfie.


Price: $25.00
Item:  Selfie Sweater


I take pictures of myself. Sometimes I do it to check my makeup and other times I just do it because whatever I’m 24 and today I look better than I normally do so the entire freaking internet should see that “hey I don’t always look like hell, see?!”

I digress. I dig the selfie, so sue me. People can judge but they should know that judging isn’t nice and they can go take a picture of the sandwich they just made #sandwich. Yeah, that Italian combo you just posted looked delicious but that’s not the point. I’m the one that looks at my Instagram profile more than anyone else so it should appeal to me the most right? You know it’s true so stop hating on the selfie and double tap that thing like the last bit of a college party keg. Cheer me on, I could be your boss at some point. My mother always tells me that when I’m judgmental about someone and I’m like “No, mom, that 6 year old with an iPhone 5s will probably never be my boss.”

Which brings me to this post. I’d buy the crap out of this sweatshirt…and then take a selfie in it.

What would you buy if you had 100 dollars?

Eyebrow up and lips slightly pursed,


Note: Special thanks to Kristin at SassySapperstein for the heads up on this!


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