Eat Cake for Breakfast.

Price: 20.00

If I had 100 dollars, I would buy…

eat cake

This is my new life motto. Five days a week, I wake up in the morning knowing I have an absolutely miserable work day to look forward to. The other two days, I wake up feeling like I was run over by a stampede thanks to the lovely combination of cranberry vodka and rumplemitz.

I need a coffee mug that gives me hope (as well as an infinite amount of caffeine). I need a coffee mug that screams, “Buck up, buttercup. Today doesn’t have to suck”. So, thank you, Kate Spade for shining that little glimmer of hope in the form of a large, triple layered, slice of birthday cake.

I’m willing to risk my blood sugar levels being a roller coaster for the day if it means that for ONE day this week, I can go into work with a smile. We don’t look like sweaty pigs in hot yoga for nothing, girls. Eat the cake. Enjoy the cake, because guess what, today doesn’t suck as much as you thought it was going to anymore, does it?

What would you buy if you had 100 dollars to spend today?

Full, Caffeinated, and Smiling,



4 thoughts on “Eat Cake for Breakfast.

  1. Maaaakkkee iiiittt! You can do it! If I had $100 that I was forced not to save for something more than $100, I would build a nice little green house in my backyard. LOVE fresh veggies.

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