What Would You Do with an Extra $100 Dollars?

What Would You Do with an Extra $100 Dollars?

Fine, so $100 isn’t exactly what it used to be but none of us would turn it down.  Let’s be serious.  So there you are, Benjamin in hand and you say to yourself, “What should I do with this?”

First, do not, I repeat, do NOT break that thing until you know for sure.  Why?  Because you’ll spend those smaller bills in places that won’t accept anything higher than a $20 (don’t shake your head, you know you will).  Then before you know it, you’re left with 14 packs of gum, 6 grande dark roasts, a slight heart palpitation and a pocket full of nickels and ones.

That’s why we’re here.


^ That’s us.  Not exactly the best picture but whatever, it was 3AM in the East Village.

Consider us your gurus, your guides, your beaming rays of light – okay I’ll stop – on different things to see, places to eat, stuff to buy that we think are worth that extra $100 dollar bill in this here city, online, and elsewhere if we’re feeling cultural but don’t count on it.

Should you find yourself with $100 lying around…or in the dryer, they’re always in the dryer, stick with us and we’ll be, if nothing else, entertaining and if we’re lucky maybe, JUST MAYBE, helpful.

Sincerely broke,

Lauren and Jules



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